Fruit Wine   


Like a strawberry in your mouth! This wine is a hit with all those who love strawberries. Recognized with a bronze medal at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition. 100% Michigan Strawberries. Packaged in a 375 ml bottle. $10.00 ea.

Northern Lights Out (Blackberry)

Blackberry wine naturally fermented with a kick (not forified) to 17% alc. Packaged in a 375 ml bottle featuring photography by Duane Clausen ( $14.00 ea.


This is the receipe that made the Best of Class fruit wine in Michigan (Michigan Wine & Spirits Competition 2011). 100% Michigan grown raspberries. Sweet with a little tartness representative of the raspberrry. Packaged in a 375 ml bottle. $13.00 ea.


A unique blend of raspberry and strawberry. It's very different and very good. Silver medal winner in 2012 Michigan Wine & Spirits Competiton. Packaged in a 375 ml bottle. IRIE, MON! $13.00 ea.

Garden Riot

Our fruit all got together and created a riot of flavor, but these berries get along great in the bottle. Ask John to tell you the inside joke about the name, "Garden Riot" when you see him in the tasting room. Silver medal winner in 2012 Michigan Wine & Spirits Competition. Packaged in a 375 ml bottle. $13.00 ea.

Superior Shore Cherry

Natural cherry wine from Michigan cherries. This is a very rich and spicey (cinnamon & clove) cherry wine. Packaged in a 750 ml bottle featuring the original drawing by Emily Lucas of Chapel Rock from the Pictured Rocks National Park on the Lake Superior lakeshore. $16.00

Yooper Stooper

4-Berry blend (raspberry, blueberry, strawberry and blackberry) fermented to a hot 18% alcohol content. Delicious and very relaxing! $14

Cranberry, Red Currant, Peach & Honey

Popular white grape flavored wine (see details in the "grape wine" category). 750 ml package. $16 ea.


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