Fruit Wine   


Like a strawberry in your mouth! This wine is a hit with all 100% Michigan Strawberries. Packaged in a 750ml bottle. $16.00 ea.

Peninsula Red

Sweet red "grapie" wine made with a proprietary blend of concord and other red grapes. A fan favorite! 750ml $16.

Northern Lights Out (Blackberry)

Blackberry wine naturally fermented with a kick (not forified) to 17% alc. Packaged in a 375 ml bottle featuring photography by Duane Clausen ( $14.00 ea.


This is the receipe that made the Best of Class fruit wine in Michigan (Michigan Wine & Spirits Competition 2011). Also international award winning 2017. 100% Michigan grown raspberries. Sweet with a little tartness representative of the raspberrry. Packaged in a 750 ml bottle. $19.00 ea.

Yooper Punch

A nice big jug of sweet fruit wine perfectly blended strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and blackberry. 1.5 liter jug, enough to share. $38

Blueberry Buzz

100% blueberry wine fermented with a high alcohol content. Sweet and delicious! International award winning. 375 ml $14.00.

Strawberry Rhubarb

100% fruit wine balanced perfectly for that delicious strawberry-rhubarb flavor. International award winning. 750ml $18

Superior Shore Cherry

Natural cherry wine from Michigan cherries. This is a very rich and spicey (cinnamon & clove) cherry wine. Packaged in a 750 ml bottle featuring the original drawing by Emily Lucas of Chapel Rock from the Pictured Rocks National Park on the Lake Superior lakeshore. $16.00

Yooper Stooper

4-Berry blend (raspberry, blueberry, strawberry and blackberry) fermented to a hot 18% alcohol content. Delicious and very relaxing! 375ml $14

Cranberry, Red Currant, Peach & Honey

Popular white grape flavored wine (see details in the "grape wine" category). 750 ml package. $16 ea.


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