Grape Wine   

Peninsula Demi-Sec

Neither sweet nor dry -- just right! One of our best selling grape wines packaged in a beautiful blue 750 ml bottle. 100% Michigan vidal grapes with a bit of riesling and vignoles. Great with cheese or by itself. $16.00 ea.

Harbour Red

Made with the Michigan grown Chambourcin grape with a little Cab Franc & Cab Sauvignon for added character. Big, soft with a nice balance of fruitiness, dryness and tannin backbone. Serve at room temperature. Nice with red meat and pasta. 750 ml. $18.00 ea.


100% Michigan grown Riesling. Semi-dry with crisp acidity balanced by a touch of natural grape sugar. Serve chilled. Nice with seafood, chicken, spicy Cajun or Thai dishes and with cheese and fruit. 750 ml bottle. $17.00 ea.

Pinot Grigio

100% Michigan grown Pinot Grigio. Dry, crisp and fruity in the classic Italian style. Serve chilled. Enjoy with seafood, poultry or pork. 750 ml. $19.00 ea.

Superior Shore Cranberry

Cranberry infused grape wine so smooth! One of our customer's favorite.
Packaged in a 750 ml bottle with the killer label (original drawing by Emily Lucas of Chapel Rock from the Pictured Rocks National Park Lake Superior lakeshore). $16.00

Old Mack Red Currant

Sweet-tart white grape wine infused with favorful Red Currant. Find the original drawing of the Old Mackinac Point Light House drawn by Emily Lucas on the bottle. 750 ml package, $16

The Keeper's Ice Wine

Vidal grapes frozen on the vine gives this wine the natural sweetness found only in a true ice wine. Love the quality and love the price at $25.00. McGulpin Point Light House (located in Mackinaw City) graphite pencil drawing by Emily Lucas featured on the label. 375 ml bottle.

Old Mack Peach & Honey

Sweet white wine with the added sweetness of honey and natural peach flavors. Find the original drawing of the Old Mackinac Point Light House on the label. 750ml package, $16.


Award-winning Merlot and Cab blend. Perfectly dry. Michigan had a fabulous red grape year last year and it is obvious when you taste this Merlot. $20.00


We are pleased to add the world's most popular white wine in our quality wine line-up. Crisp (not oaked). $20.00


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