Garden Bay Winery has won awards every year starting with the first batch of wine in 2009 (entered in 2010 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition FLIWC).


Year        Competition                                                        Wine                                                         Award

2010       Finger Lakes International Wine (FLIWC)               Blackberry                                                  Silver

              FLIWC                                                                Blueberry                                                   Bronze

              FLIWC                                                                Raspberry                                                  Bronze

              FLIWC                                                                Strawberry                                                 Bronze

              FLIWC                                                                Sweet Blueberry                                         Bronze

2011      FLIWC                                                                 Raspberry                                                  Gold

              FLIWC                                                                 Blueberry                                                   Silver

             Michigan Wine & Spirits Competition                      Raspberry                                                   Best of Class Fruit Wine

2012      FLIWC                                                                 Blueberry                                                   Bronze

             Michigan Wine & Spirits Competition                       Garden Riot                                               Silver

             Michigan Wine & Spirits Competition                       Rastaberry                                                 Silver

             Michigan Wine & Spirits Competition                      Northern Lights Out                                    Bronze

2013      FLIWC                                                                Garden Riot                                                Silver

             FLIWC                                                                 Blueberry                                                   Bronze

             FLIWC                                                                 Rastaberry                                                 Bronze

2014      FLIWC                                                                 Raspberry                                                  Gold

             FLIWC                                                                 Garden Riot                                                Silver

             FLIWC                                                                 Northern Lights Out                                    Silver

             FLIWC                                                                 Rastaberry                                                 Silver

             Taster's Guild                                                       Northern Lights Out                                    Gold

             Taster's Guild                                                       Blueberry Buzz                                           Silver

2015      FLIWC                                                                 Yooper Stooper                                           Silver

             FLIWC                                                                  Black Raspberry                                         Silver

             FLIWC                                                                  Blueberry Buzz                                           Silver

             FLIWC                                                                  Rastaberry                                                 Bronze

             FLIWC                                                                  Garden Riot                                                Bronze

             FLIWC                                                                  Northern Lights Out                                     Bronze

             Taster's Guild                                                       Raspberry                                                   Bronze

             Taster's Guild                                                       Black Raspberry                                           Silver

             Taster's Guild                                                       Blueberry Buzz                                             Gold

             Taster's Guild                                                       Garden Riot                                                  Gold

             Taster's Guild  (TG)                                               Yooper Stooper                                             Gold

Grape Wine Awards produced from grapes by Fenn Valley Vineyards and bottled by Garden Bay Winery Vineyards:

2010      FLIWC                                                                 Ice Wine                                                      Silver

             FLIWC                                                                 Riesling                                                        Silver

2011      FLIWC                                                                 Riesling                                                        Gold

             FLIWC                                                                 Chardonnay                                                  Bronze

             TG                                                                      Chardonnay                                                  Bronze

             TG                                                                      Cherry                                                          Bronze

             TG                                                                      Merlot                                                           Bronze

             TG                                                                      Riesling                                                         Gold

             TG                                                                      Pinot Grigio                                                    Silver

             TG                                                                      Traminette                                                     Silver

             MWS                                                                   Harbour Red                                         Best of Class   

2012     FLIWC                                                                 Riesling                                                 Double Gold   

            FLIWC                                                                 Chardonnay                                                    Silver

            FLIWC                                                                 Traminette                                                     Bronze

            TG                                                                      Demi-Sec                                                       Gold

            TG                                                                      Merlot                                                    Double Gold

            TG                                                                      Cherry                                                            Silver

            TG                                                                      Harbour Red                                                    Silver

            TG                                                                      Chardonnay                                                     Silver

            TG                                                                      Riesling                                                           Silver

            TG                                                                      Pinot Grigio                                                      Silver

            MWS                                                                  Chardonnay                                                      Bronze

2013    FLIWC                                                                 Riesling                                                            Silver

           TG                                                                      Cherry                                                              Silver

           TG                                                                      Pinot Grigio                                                       Silver

           TG                                                                      Traminette                                                        Silver

           TG                                                                      Riesling                                                             Silver

           TG                                                                      Demi-Sec                                                           Gold

           TG                                                                      Peninsula Red                                                     Gold

           TG                                                                      Merlot                                                                Gold

           Great Lakes Great Wine Competition (GLGW)         Harbour Red                                                       Gold

           GLGW                                                                 Cherry                                                               Gold

           MWS                                                                   Harbour Red                                                      Gold

2014    FLIWC                                                                 Merlot                                                               Silver

           FLIWC                                                                  Pinot Grigio                                                       Silver

           TG                                                                       Peninsula Red                                                    Silver

           TG                                                                       Harbour Red                                                      Silver

           MWS                                                                    Pinot Grigio                                                       Bronze

           MWS                                                                    Chardonnay                                                       Bronze

           MWS                                                                     Demi-Sec                                                          Gold

           MWS                                                                    Harbour Red                                                       Gold

           MWS                                                                     Peninsula Red                                                    Bronze

           GLGW                                                                   Traminette                                                         Gold

2015    FLIWC                                                                   Harbour Red                                                      Silver

            FLIWC                                                                   Riesling                                                            Bronze

            TG                                                                        Cherry                                                              Gold

            TG                                                                        Ice Wine                                                      Double Gold

            TG                                                                        Demi-Sec                                                          Silver

            TG                                                                        Peninsula Red                                                    Silver

            TG                                                                        Chardonnay                                                       Silver

            TG                                                                         Riesling                                                            Silver

            TG                                                                         Harbour Red                                                     Silver

            GLGW                                                                     Demi-Sec                                                         Gold

            GLGW                                                                     Ice Wine                                                           Gold

            MI Wine & Spirits Competition                                  Black Raspberry                                                Gold

            MI Wine & Spirits Competition                                  Yooper Stooper                                                 Silver

            MI Wine & Spirits Competition                                  Garden Riot                                                      Silver

            MI Wine & Spirits Competition                                  Raspberrry                                                       Bronze

            MI Wine & Spirits Competition                                  Blueberry Buzz                                                 Bronze






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